Without your teeth, you can't really bite!

tooth_en.jpgDon't you think that you would still be able to bite even though you lost your
teeth? "Nowadays we have great dental implants and dentures. "If you think
this way, you're TOTALLY WRONG!!
You'll be able to chew foods into small pieces and grind them enough to
swallow, but you can't feel the texture of the foods. Because we owe our sense
of feeling texture when we bite to the periodontal membrane which exist
around the teeth! Thanks to our teeth, we can even feel the thickness of very
thin paper when we bite it.
Can you imagine a world where you can't feel the texture of what you bite?
For example, imagine the moment you eat the hard, crisp, juicy texture of
fresh vegetable...Cheese...pleasantly-sticky...Steak...mmm...Pasta...al-
dente...A french baguette...the hard crisp outside and soft fluffy interior. A
macaroon .gosh, not being able to describe that heavenly taste and textures.
Imagine these textures; chuncky, chewey, crunchy, velvety, smooth, melting,
you'll lose all....Just push your gum with your finger. The only feeling would
be just like this (being pushed by a plastic plate) if you wear the false teeth
and bite.
And the even worse thing is, it's sometimes very painful.
Periodontal membrane is collagen fibre which exist between the root of the
teeth and alveolar bone. Its thickness is 0.09-0.23mm.It helps teeth to stand
in the bone. It also distinguishes the texture you bite and chew, helps
stimulating the secretion of saliva, and adjusts the movement of the lower
jaw. If you bite a very hard thing continuously, grind or clench your teeth, or
have decay or periodontal gum disease ,the periodontal membrane gives you
the warning` Don't bite anymore!' You take this warning as pain.
People who have dental implants can chew foods really well,but sadly
without feeling the texture, so they always say, "I can chew well but
something is different .I miss the texture of the food."
Nothing is better than our own natural teeth after all. We'll be very happy if
we can help you to keep your teeth healthy and to enjoy your life.

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