Prophylactic treatment against decay















In the very early stage of  decay, the tooth has a little chalky white or yellowish spot.

To stop this chalky white spot getting worse and growing a cavity, there are what you should do;

1.Brush your teeth thoroughly.

  And let's learn how to brush your teeth properly.

2.Eat well and lead a regular life.

  This chalky white spot can recover with calcium from our saliva, but you would lose this chance if you eat or drink food frequently.

3.Use fluoride toothpaste.

  Fluoride strengthens the surface of the tooth, as you know.

4.Use Xylitol

  Xylitol is sweet like sugar, but it doesn't become the cause of the cavity.

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Also,dental sealants are most effective in teeth that have recently erupted and have not yet been exposed to decay. They are a painless procedure which don't involve drilling, so they're quite good for children between the ages of 5 and 15 to prevent cavities.

Sealants (a thin plastic material) provide a physical barrier between the grooved surfaces on the teeth and the bacteria that attack and causes cavities.