Treatment(for small cavities)1

Composite Fillings

In the case of small cavities, we remove any remaining decay and place composite resin (teeth-coloured plastic) into the tooth where it binds to the original surface.

We harden this soft plastic by blue light like the picture below. After hardening, composite resin looks and hardens like a tooth.
















<pros and cons>

 Composite resin comes in a range of shades that closely match the colour of an individual's tooth.Due to the increased strength of modern composite material, they can now also be used in the back teeth. Only one visit to the dentist is required. They also covered by Japanese health insurance.

Over time, they may become stained from tea, coffee, tabacco etc. because of their porosity.They cannot be used for large cavities which should be restored by inlay.





the variety of the teeth-colour









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