What you must NOT do after your teeth have been professionally treated (also during treatment)

You must NOT;


1.Open the cap of the bottle with your teeth.

 =Some people bite the top of the bottle and open it with the teeth.

   Don't do it even with your healthy teeth.It's quite damaging and embarassing.


2.Tear and open the plastic bag (or paper, foil) with your teeth.

 =Use your hands or scissors.


3.Eat extreamly hard foods like a brick.

 =Some people eat extreamly hard cookies to train the jaw in Japan.

   It'll  work for children, but you have already passed this stage.

   (I can tell you that this hard cookie is yummy,though.)















4.Bite into a whole apple.

 =Cut, peel, remove the core and eat.

















5.Pick between your teeth with toothpick.


6.C ut the line for fishing with your teeth.

 =Bring the scissors with a cap.














7.Cut the thread for sewing, even the tacking thread.

 =I'm sure you have scissors nearby you!


8.Bite ice cubes.

 =Some people do it during or after drinking juice. It'll make gnawing.

  (V.terrible manner with annoying noise!)


9.Grind and clench your teeth.


10.Tear dried-squid with your teeth.

 =Use hands. (clean hands.)


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