Treatment (for small cavities)2

Hybrid-ceramic inlay  Hybrid-ceramic has the strength like metal and beauty like ceramic, so they're used for large cavities in which composite resin can't ...more

Treatment(for small cavities)1

Composite Fillings In the case of small cavities, we remove any remaining decay and place composite resin (teeth-coloured plastic) into the tooth where it binds ...more

Prophylactic treatment against decay

                          In the very early stage of  decay, the tooth has a little chalk ...more


If you don't brush your teeth properly,you'll get cavities even though you brush very hard after meals. Let's learn how to brush your teeth properly and have yo ...more

What you must NOT do after your teeth have been professionally treated (also during treatment)

You must NOT;   1.Open the cap of the bottle with your teeth.  =Some people bite the top of the bottle and open it with the teeth.    Don't ...more

Without your teeth, you can't really bite!

Don't you think that you would still be able to bite even though you lost your teeth? "Nowadays we have great dental implants and dentures. "If you think this w ...more